Alpha Squad

SEAL 1 frontThe Socialite and the SEAL 

A year ago, Navy SEAL John Walton saved heiress Tansy Leighton from a hijacked yacht in the Mediterranean, and from the terrorist sympathizers demanding millions for her safe return.

As the anniversary of the hijacking approaches, Tansy’s father, financier Walter Leighton, receives a note threatening his daughter’s life. And in spite of the best private security Daddy’s money can buy, the only man Tansy trusts to guard her back, is John Walton.

But as bullets start to fly around the Leightons’ Main Line estate, can the coalminer’s son and the billionaire’s daughter survive long enough to give their relationship a shot? Or will their differences doom their budding romance before it has a chance to get off the ground?

The Stripper and the SEALSEAL 2 front

Alpha Squad Lieutenant Maksim “Mad Max” Vasiliev lost his sister to the Russian Brotherhood. She was killed in prison while he was overseas on maneuvers, and there was nothing he could do about it.

When beautiful Gabrielle crosses his path, with two Russian enforcers on her tail, Max is determined that the Bratva isn’t going to score another one.

But as the case unfolds, from lofty political circles in Washington, DC, to the attempted murder of a federal judge in Idaho, it’s all Max can do to try to keep himself and Gabrielle alive. And hope that when it’s all over, Gabrielle will consent to stay in Virginia Beach with a lowly Navy SEAL, instead of going back to her life in DC.