Another Two Thumbs Up for Cutthroat!

Here’s an early preview from Paige Crutcher, journalist and reviewer for the, who has this to say:

A CUTTHROAT BUSINESS is equal parts charming and sexy, with a side of suspense.

Bente Gallagher’s heroine and hero, Savannah Martin and Rafe Collier, are a pairing of perfection. The prim Southern Belle and street-smart alluring rogue captivate and delight. As readers watch the two team forces in an effort to solve a murder, and attempt not to fall under each other’s spell, they’ll find it impossible not to enjoy the ride.

A CUTTHROAT BUSINESS is a lightning fast read that will have readers coming back for more again and again.

Thank you, Paige!

A CUTTHROAT BUSINESS is available for preorder from HERE.

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