Carpe Sharknado

I snagged this quote off Jennifer Crusie’s blogpost Carpe Sharknado about the movie Sharknado – which I didn’t watch – because it’s awesome, and a great reminder to those of us who write for a living:

I love everything about Sharknado. I might even have to watch it although bloody horror films about sharks are not my party (I still haven’t seen Jaws). But mostly I need to remember it so that the next time I have a Sharknado moment, I seize it. The world needs stories that don’t give a damn about anything except making the reader’s head explode with joy, and to get that it needs storytellers who can not only recognize when a Sharknado appears before them, but also grasp the idea with both hands and shouts of joy and no fear of what people might think of them for grasping an idea like Sharknado with both hands. It needs writers with chainsaws.”

If you haven’t read Jennifer Crusie’s books, I heartily recommend them.

She also recently wrote a fantabulous blogpost about the TV show Arrow – which I also don’t watch, although now I want to – and the development of romantic relationships, that hit home. You can find it HERE.

In fact, I want to be Jennifer Crusie when I grow up. 🙂

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