DIY-6 is in the bag!

It’s official: Avery will be going on after DIY-5, Flipped Out, that’s coming in October. I just agreed – yesterday, in fact – to write another book in the series. DIY-6 will be released sometime in 2012; not sure when yet. I thought you might be interested to see the outline that did the trick: When Derek and Avery first get the inside track on a distressed condo in Josh Rasmussen’s complex, it doesn’t seem like a very exciting project. But the price is right, and they can turn the property around quickly, which will help their cash flow. And besides, Avery thinks they can amuse themselves by giving the small, bland space some much needed oomph. However, it isn’t but a few days after renovations start that they have all the excitement they can handle. It begins with the suspicious death of Hilda Shaw, one of the neighbors. Hilda was the resident busy-body, always sitting at her window watching the other tenants coming and going. She delighted in knowing things about people, personal things, and in letting people know that she knew. As it turns out, every one of the residents in the small condo complex is hiding a secret of their own, including Josh Rasmussen, and Avery soon finds herself knee-deep in other people’s dirty laundry. The trick becomes figuring out which of the many secrets is the deadly one, and which of the neighbors killed Hilda, before someone else learns too much about what is going on and has to die as a result. And this time, that someone might just be Avery. Book will include tips for how to make the most of small spaces and giving bland spaces more personality with architectural features and paint, furniture and decorations. Like every other book in the series, it’ll probably change some between now and when it’s actually written, but that’s the basic idea. Now I’ve got to get busy writing! xoxo