Good News

So apparently it’s official: the title for DIY# 3 is PLASTER AND POISON, according to the email I got from my editor at Berkley Prime Crime today.

And another nice little tidbit of good news: apparently the release date is March 2010, not May 2010 – in other words, two months sooner than originally planned!

No cover yet, but here’s the back cover blurb as of right now, with qualifications; it might change:

Avery Baker was once a New York designer, but inheriting her aunt’s old Maine cottage has led her down a new career path in home renovation. Finding a property’s hidden potential has rewards and challenges—especially when a mystery surfaces behind the walls…

Local bed and breakfast owner Kate McGillicuty and Waterfield Police Chief Wayne Rasmussen are finally tying the knot. They’ve asked Avery and her boyfriend, Derek, to renovate an old carriage house behind the B&B. It’s a daunting task, but Avery plans on remaking the relic into a romantic Parisian-style retreat.

But the course of true love–and home repair–rarely runs smooth. As proven when Avery stumbles across a lifeless body in the carriage house. And now, Avery’s to-do list reads: find wallpaper…lay insulation…solve murder!