New Covers – and some news!

You may have noticed that the Cutthroat Business series is getting a facelift.

I went from the silhouette covers to the Post-It Note covers because of the resolution: I was going to print the books and wanted the same covers on the print books as were on the ebooks. The silhouette covers were low-res, and so I had to start over.

Now it turns out that the Post-It Note covers don’t work either.

So here they are, a few of the new Cutthroat Business covers. The good news is, the print covers will look the same – and will be ready within the next month or two!

You heard it here first!

CS1-match  CS5.5-match CB7-matchCS3-match

2 thoughts on “New Covers – and some news!”

  1. I just finished reading all the Savannah books and I loved them . I am looking forward to the next one. Hopefully soon! Thanks.

    1. Spring, I hope. It takes me a while longer to write one than it does you to read it. But I’m working on it. 🙂

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