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A Cinderella story about a pregnant waitress who marries her nice but boring neighbor for his health insurance only to realize he’s the man she should have been with all along
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What Kaylee Carter needs, is a friend with benefits.fwbREDGRAYstripesHensmall

Health benefits, that is.

An accidental pregnancy has left her jobless and broke, with no money to cover her car payment or rent, let alone prenatal care and childbirth.

When next door neighbor Owen Taylor offers a marriage of convenience – room, board, and medical insurance – it’s an answer to prayer. But as they settle in together, Kaylee can’t help but wonder what Owen gets out of the deal.

What Owen Taylor wants, is Kaylee Carter.

Nice guy Owen has been quietly pursuing Kaylee for months, but she’s never given him the time of day. Now that he’s gotten her into his life and his bed, he’s not about to give her up.

But when Kaylee’s baby daddy comes knocking, what will Kaylee do? Does she choose her husband, or her baby’s father? The man who knocked her up… or the one who put the pieces together afterwards?

* * *