Stalking Steven is here!

Two years after the release of Ditching David – or maybe it’s three? – here, finally, is Gina’s second adventure, and her first as a licensed PI. The delicious detective Jaime Mendoza is back, of course, as is Rachel and Zachary, and a new addition to the firm: a Boston terrier named Edwina.

I hope you’ll enjoy Stalking Steven!

SS 1-3

Fresh from solving her late husband’s murder, Gina Beaufort Kelley is dealing with her first case as a licensed PI: stalking Steven Morton, the husband of Gina’s divorce attorney, Diana Morton.

University professor Steven is spending significant time with a beautiful, blond Russian young enough to be his daughter, which sets all of Gina’s antennae quivering. But what is supposed to be a simple case of philandering soon turns sinister when the nosy neighbor of the young Russian girl is murdered, and Steven and the young woman are nowhere to be found. 

Add in a ransom note for Steven’s return, a bloody attack on Gina’s associate Zachary when he asks questions about the Russian girl, and the newest addition to the firm—a Boston Terrier that used to belong to the murder victim—and the newly licensed PI has her hands full. 

Can Gina find Steven, avenge Zachary, and discover a killer before it’s case closed… for good?