The Cutthroat Business Christmas Novella is live!

Happy Holidays, y’all!

The Cutthroat Business Christmas novella went live today on AmazonKobo and Smashwords. iTunes goes through Smashwords and so takes a bit longer, and BN is also dragging their heels and still “processing.” However, it’s coming on all channels pretty shortly.

FYI, it’s a sweet little story – only 18,000 words – about “the morning after”: Christmas Day, the day after A Done Deal ended.

Savannah’s looking at Rafe and the rest of her life – which includes a pair of fur-lined handcuffs and an economy sized box of 365 condoms, one of which plays Santa, Baby… but not until after they both survive Christmas dinner with the Martins.

And with Margaret Anne at her most poisonously polite, and no help from Catherine or Dix – both of whom are too busy laughing their heads off at Rafe’s Christmas sweater – not to mention a jewelry box with a ring under the tree… well, there are no guarantees that Rafe will want to stick around after dessert.

There’s no real mystery about this one; just a nice romantic (and funny) holiday treat for everyone who’s asked when the next book’s coming.

(And speaking of that… the next book will probably be coming in the spring, maybe April or May – I have to finish writing it first, and I have two other books due first – but the first chapter of Kickout Clause is attached to the holiday novella as a teaser. If you needed more incentive to buy it…)

As you were, happy and healthy…

2 thoughts on “The Cutthroat Business Christmas Novella is live!”

  1. I read your first book from Amazon kindle free books then promptly bought the set of 5 books and love them all. I also read the first chapter of knockout clause and loved it. The novella (I also purchased it) was great!
    Take your time and produce a well plotted story for your fans.
    Thank you for this series.

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