The shortest review ever!

Or maybe not ever – I’m sure there have been shorter ones – but this is pretty darned short. Three sentences total, and one of them is a quote from moi. From that article I wrote for the Mystery Reader’s Journal back in May, for their History Mystery issue.

Here’s the link – but since the review is so short, I figure I’ll just post the whole thing:

Jennie Bentley writes, “If Derek — 6 feet tall, with melting blue eyes, sun-streaked hair, snug jeans and a toolbelt riding low on his hips — can’t make it interesting, then I don’t know what to tell you.”

If you surmise, however, that this novel is chick lit or a sappy romance novel, you would be wrong. It’s an ingeniously plotted murder mystery with several prime suspects and a nail-biting conclusion.

So there! Thanks, Roy E. Perry, for those kind words!