St. Patrick's Day collectionTiny Treats

The Tiny Treats St. Patrick’s Day collection includes a short story called Getting Lucky, that’s set in the Tall, Dark and Divine universe – specifically, Dionysus’s Bar in Astoria, Queens, New York – and which features Dion, Greek god of wine and debauchery, and Eros, Greek god of love, working to matchmake Mavis, a librarian, and Luchtaine, Celtic god of woodworkers, on St. Patrick’s Day.

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The first part of Fortune’s Hero is included in an anthology called Beginnings, which also features stories by L.j. Charles, Sally Berneathy, Andris Bear, Misty Evans, and Adrienne Giordano.

Beginnings is an anthology of just that – beginnings: the first parts of serials. You can find it for 99 cents at the following retailers’ sites:


Fortune’s Hero is a science fiction story set in the far future on a small moon full of vicious guards, horrible flora and fauna, and ice cold rivers. In this first installment, Quinn, our hero, takes Elsa, a med tech – doctor – hostage, and tries to keep her alive while they stumble through the wilderness.

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