Fidelity Investigations


When Gina Beaufort Kelly’s husband leaves her for a woman young enough to be his daughter, Gina doesn’t get mad… she gets even.

Or at least she tries to, by targeting David’s assets in the divorce. She spent eighteen years of her life with him; it’s only fair that he should compensate her accordingly.

However, David doesn’t agree, and when he ends up dead, on the evening before they were set to go before the judge, Homicide Detective Jaime Mendoza suspects foul play – and seems to think that Gina’s behind it.

Now this jilted wife must figure out who else wanted her soon-to-be-ex-husband dead – and why – before she loses everything, including her freedom.


Gina Beaufort Kelley, newly licensed boss of Fidelity Investigations, has her first case: stalking Steven Morton, the (perhaps) philandering husband of Gina’s divorce attorney, Diana Morton.

University professor Steven is spending significant time with one of his students. And when the young woman goes missing, and the old lady in the house next door is murdered, Steven himself is nowhere to be found.

Did Steven and his student run away together? Did one of them kill the nosy neighbor? Or is something more sinister going on?

Add in Gina’s gung-ho assistant, a sexy homicide detective who doesn’t necessarily like private investigators—although he seems to like Gina—and a mischievous dog that was a witness to a crime, and Gina has her hands full solving her first bona fide investigation.