Magpie Ink

For Notepads

Some of you may have noticed this logo around – on notepads or pens or tote-bags or even inside some of my books.

It’s the logo for my publishing imprint, Magpie Ink.

Magpie Ink publishes the Cutthroat Business books, and the rest of my self-published books.

(Yes, it makes me look and feel slightly more professional to be published by Magpie Ink than to be published by myself.)

Anyway, the “Oooh, shiny!” is probably self-explanatory. Magpies like shiny things, right? Well, I like shiny things too. Like new ideas.

Yes, it’s a personal joke. One that a lot of writers can relate to. That tendency to have our heads turned by the next new and shiny idea to come down the pike.

The Eurasian Magpie – or Pica Pica, to use its binomial name – is also one of the most intelligent animals on earth. It can recognize itself in a mirror, which seems to be a big accomplishment for a bird.

So there you have it.

Magpie Ink.