Behind every successful man

Today is the season finale of Criminal Minds, which is the only show I watch on television these days.

(Writing takes a lot of time. And it’s easier to give up TV than to give up time with the kids or the hubster. Although I suppose I could give up eating. It might not hurt.)
Anyway, in honor of the occasion, here’s a pretty picture.
This deliciousness, of course, is Shemar Moore, who plays Special Supervisory Agent Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. Alpha male, noir hero, the guy who always kicks down the door and subdues the suspect.
Who can resist a hot alpha hero?
What makes Derek Morgan so much fun, though – other than the fact that he’s extremely easy on the eyes – is his relationship with FBI technical analyst Penelope Garcia. Garcia is Morgan’s Moneypenny.
If that reference is lost on you, you obviously don’t know your Bond. James Bond went out and saved the world while Miss Moneypenny manned the office. Just like Penelope Garcia. And where Bond couldn’t do his job without ‘Penny,’ Morgan couldn’t do his without Penelope.

For your enjoyment, here’s a clip from season 2, episode 17, in which Morgan is in Texas on a case, and Garcia is back at Quantico, Virginia, manning the computers.

If I recall correctly, there’s a little bit of gratuitous Shemar Moore semi-nakedness added, that wasn’t part of the original episode, but just suffer through it. And when you’ve watched it a couple of times, because I know you’ll want to, tell me if you have a favorite TV pairing. I must say I’m partial to this one myself. Their chemistry is off the charts, and their banter is just damn funny, besides the fact that there’s a little Penelope Garcia in all of us, and don’t we all just love the idea that the not-quite-perfect girl can land the hot hunk? My fingers are crossed for something good tonight! 

2 thoughts on “Behind every successful man”

  1. I absolutely love this show!!! It is definitely one of my faves, but it so ironic for me. I used to work in an office and I called everybody, except my boss of course, “sweetie”. I was visiting the main office in another state and was talking to the guy doing my work back home on the phone and before I hung up I said “thanks, sweetie”. A corporate jackass reported that to the owner and actually started an investigation and tried to show I was having an affair. I used to babysit this guy, his wife and I were best friends, my husband and that couple were good friends, went walking every night, we lost a lot of weight, but not much later after 15 years I was let go for a stupid reason, was going to sue but couldn’t afford it. Funny thing, both the owner’s sons were having office affairs right under his nose and ended up divorced. Me and my hubby are still happily married as are our friends.

  2. Criminal Minds is one of my favorite’s as well. I keep hoping that the writers will tease us by putting wedding bands on Morgan and Garcia without anyone saying a word about it. lol. Keep it a mystery.

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