#FridayReads – Breaking the Rules

This is possibly my favorite category romance/romantic suspense of all time. Breaking the Rules from 1994 by the fabulous Barbara Samuel/Barbara O’Neal AKA Ruth Wind.

(Yes, that’s my review right at the top of the Amazon page. And yes, I really did buy this book new, off the shelf in Kroger, in 1994 and still have it. The pages are yellow by now.)

Anyone who likes Rafe Collier will probably enjoy Zeke. There are some similarities there. 🙂 And Zeke, in addition to being quite the hottie, is a very well developed character, and very real, unlike many of the millionaire-types you find in category romance.

The ebook is $2.99 on Amazon, if anyone’s interested. The cover looks different now, though. This is the one that’s on my shelf. The new one has a lake, a dock, and mountains on it.

In other news, the Cutthroat Business mysteries ebook bundle 1-3, consisting of A Cutthroat Business, Hot Property, and Contract Pending, squeaked onto the USA Today list this week, in #149 out of 150. 🙂 So I am now a USA Today bestselling author. Yay, me!

And if Breaking the Rules doesn’t float your boat, you could check out this webpage I’ve started with some friends who write in the same genres I do, in case something there blows your skirt up.

Until next time!