I’m feeling Covetous!

Uber-excited to announce something everyone probably already knows… but it’s now official, as the contracts have been signed by all parties and I have a ratified copy in my possession:

I will be writing a series of romances for Entangled Publishing‘s Covet imprint.

We’re talking paranormal romances here, but not the kind of paranormal romances you may be thinking of. There’s nothing all weird going on; they’re your basic shortish – 56,000 words, in my case – contemporary romances, but with a slight twist.

Like this, “the heroine goes out on the town and gets a little tipsy and ends up indulging in a one night stand… and the guy turns out to be a werewolf.”

He doesn’t bite her or anything, though. And not that I’m writing that story. Because I’m not. Really. I don’t do the hairy. Or the undead.

What we’re talking about takes place in the normal world, the one we all live in, just with a tiny little twist. In my case, the action (tee-hee; I said action!) takes place in New York City, in the borough of Queens, in the neighborhood of Astoria, where I spent a few of my formative years; those in my early twenties. Right about here; the corner of Steinway Street and Broadway.

Astoria was, at one time, the biggest Greek settlement in the world outside Greece. I’ve heard it’s changed a bit since I left, but it’s hard to imagine that there isn’t still a sizeable Greek presence, considering how saturated it was at the time. If I’m wrong about that, just chalk it up to old age: when I lived there, around 1990, the place was heavily Greek. And it seemed a great place to drop a handful of the old Greek gods and goddesses, to see how they’d fare in the modern world. That’s the paranormal twist: that there are Greek gods and goddesses wandering the streets of New York.

I’m not allowed to say much about the book yet – it hasn’t been through edits, so I don’t know how much of it will change – and it doesn’t have a cover, so I can’t share that… but I can tell you that the title will be Tall, Dark, and Divine“because every woman deserves a night in the sack with a god” – and that it will be available in digital format on or around July 15th – that’s a Sunday, of all things – and I believe the price might be $2.99, but I’m not entirely sure, since I’m actually helping to launch the Covet line, and these are the first books ever to hit the interwebs from the imprint. In addition to mine, there’s a book about a witch from the fab Misa Ramirez, and a book about – I think – a vampire – from the equally fab Candace Havens.

I’m not sure whether Candace’s book is part of a series or not, but Misa’s is the first in a trilogy. And because I never do anything by halves, I’d like mine to be the first in a series. I have plans for Tall, Dark, and Demanding, Tall, Dark and Dangerous, Tall, Dark and Dreamy – or possibly Tall, Dark and Delicious – and even Tall, Dark and Dull.

For that I’ll need a little bit of help, of course. There’s no sense in writing more books if no one’s buying. So tell all your friends: Tall, Dark and Divine is “a witty, sexy romantic romp with great dialogue” – per the fab Nancy Haddock, author of the Cesca Marinelli vampire series – and help me push it up the bestseller lists the second half of July!