SFR Brigade Presents (February 2015)


Welcome to the February version of the SFR Brigade’s monthly showcase.  🙂 To check out everyone else’s offerings this month, please click HERE and it’ll take you to the list on the SFR Brigade page.

As for me, I’m here to plug my new, old release.

Those of you who know me, know that I sold a science fiction series to Entangled Publishing way back in 2011. The first book, Fortune’s Hero, was published in November or December of 2012. A few people bought it, it got some reviews, and then… crickets. It won a couple of awards – a SFR Galaxy Award for best Enemies to Lovers story of 2012, and a WISRWA Write Touch Award for the best FFP – Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal – novel of the year – but other than that, it pretty much sank without a sound.

I cried buckets.

But at the end of 2014, the publisher very kindly returned the rights to me, not just to Fortune’s Hero, but to the rest of the series, as well. Book 2, Fortune’s Honor, is written, and will be released later this year. After that, I guess I’ll have to get busy and write some more.

Anyway, back to Fortune’s Hero.

I’m really proud of it. If you ask me – or even if you don’t – I’ll tell you I think it’s quite possible the best book I’ve ever written. It was certainly the hardest. However, it’s a long book – 96,000 words – and a genre where people maybe are not likely to want to take a chance.

So I decided to try a different approach than the publisher did. Instead of one long book, I chopped it up into three parts, because as I read over it, to catch any minor typos that may have slipped through the cracks, I realized it’s very much written in three acts, and so can easily be read as such.

And so was born Fortune’s Hero Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.


Part One is free – I’m hoping that will induce some people to take a chance on it – while parts Two and Three are $2.99 each. All three parts will cost a total $5.98 (plus tax). Meanwhile, the whole book is also available, for those readers who don’t like to read in bits and pieces, and it’s listed for $5.99. Same price either way, in other words.

You may download a digital copy of Part One at one of the following fine etailers, and decide from there whether you’d like to read the rest of the book. And if you do, you have options. 🙂

Amazon – Barnes & Noble – Google Play – iBooks – Kobo – Smashwords



16 thoughts on “SFR Brigade Presents (February 2015)”

  1. Sometimes these things work out for the best. I was gutted when my publisher sold out to another last year and the new contract was hideously rights grabbing, so I didn’t sign. But now I have the rights back to do what I want, so I’m happy after all. Downloading the first book as soon as I finish here!

    1. Thanks. 🙂 We’ll see how it goes. The complete book is available too, for the same price as the parts, so at least nobody can complain that they can only read in pieces, or have to pay more. It’s really and truly just a way to see whether the book will reach more readers one way than the other.

    1. Awww, thanks, dear! Fortune’s Honor is in edits right now. Which means someone other than me is reading it. Once I get it back and cleaned up, I’ll get it out there. 🙂 Can’t wait; it’s been a long time in coming!

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